Bathwick Display Tray With Beading

£14.00 GBP

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The tray offers an optimal blend of form and function, adding both convenience and charm to your decor. Made from galvanised iron it has brass beading which adds an elegant contrast around the rim. It makes an excellent catch-all tray for your daily essentials like keys, change, and small stationery items, yet it also stands as an aesthetically pleasing piece when empty. Its sleek and elegant design means it complements various types of home styles, from vintage to modern. Ideal for entryways, nightstands, or home offices, this patina tray turns mundane daily routines into beautiful rituals. This beautiful item strikes a balance between utility and aesthetic that is rarely found in everyday objects, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate great design.

Dimensions: L: 28cm x W: 9.5cm x H: 5cm